Dwell on Design

Last week marked our first re-entry back into the design world.  As some would say, we took a little hiatus – a sebaticle of sorts.  So being able to participate in the Dwell on Design show last weekend was a real treat.

Trade shows are always chaotic and crazy – but they are also so much fun.  We met some really wonderful folks and totally won the trade show neighbor lottery.  Our booth neighbors were not only offering some unique wares but they were unbelievable awesome and supportive.

So our post on Dwell on Design would be remiss without acknowledging our booth neighbors.

–  Holly Westhoff:  for those wishing for a vintage yet functional piece of Americana history

–  Josh Ray from Urban Fidelity:  for not only providing us with great tunes but also with style and panache

–  Micah Black from PlyProducts:  for helping us out with foot traffic.  Those small yet extremely functional connectors brought tons of folks to our aisle

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