Milestone Day Today

Now I realize creating a facebook page and inviting your friends to join may not seem like a milestone.  Please remember it is all relative.  In our world, we are thrilled with our new Facebook presence and equally excited that we have 41 likes.  It is more than what we had 24 hours ago.  I’m not sure about our Facebook strategy but I’m sure that will come with time.  It is all a journey but we are at least moving in the right direction.

Today we had a photo shoot for our newly revised Ecco La Pillow.  It is really a lovely accessory that was inspired by our trip to Italy.  While studying in Italy, designer Robert Dombroski became enchanted with the symmetrical patterned hedges found in the classical Baroque gardens.  Ecco La Pillow mirrors this sculptural sense by bridging design and material together.  Beautifully hand sewn eco-friendly material is carefully constructed to create the stylizing found in the Baroque gardens.  Both textural and dimensional, Ecco La Pillow will ensconce any home décor by bringing a bit of the outside in.

Baroque gardensInteriordesign-Ensconce

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