My first musing

Casey - hat on couch1Placeholders … a funny useful tool to use when you don’t quite have the actual photo that you want to use.  My go to photos whenever I need a placeholder are my dogs.  I suppose I could use photos of the prototypes and record the transformation so to speak. The journey from idea to prototype to finished product on the market is fascinating and capturing its evolution remarks on the incredible journey this product idea has endured.  There are many reasons that support using these transformational photos.  Yet I find photos of my dogs quite compelling.  It could be that they are characters to say the least.  For instance, here is a photo of Casey.  She is an English Bull Terrier that we rescued while in Southern California.  You can’t tell from the photo or maybe you can … she is really spicy and has an opinion about most things.  Or it could be that I just love my dogs.  They make me laugh … and don’t even get me started about our training sessions.  Yes, I support the operant conditioning style of training (positive reinforcement) that is also known as clicker training.  It really is something to see Casey actually think about what she wants to do versus what I have just asked her to do.  And yes, I can see her weighing out her options and deciding what she thinks is best.  If I were to have written this 10 maybe 20 years ago, I know a number of you might respond … “well isn’t that nice dear … that really is great material for a new scifi flick”… and you know the rest.

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