Villa Luce

Villa Luce frontVilla Luce Ensconce Design


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Product is made 100% in USA

All manufacturing processes done by small quality driven businesses

in Northern California.

Villa Luce can be used individually as a drop pendant light or in a composition and is the recipient of the Good Design Award.

Each Villa Luce is sold individually with a 4″ ceiling canopy and includes a 25 watt tubular Edison bulb.  Fabricated from a single sheet of aluminum, the Villa Luce leverages its innovative form to create a simple, artistic, yet functional light.


Single sheet of aluminum cut via wire edm

Custom designed acrylic socket coupling


7 1/2” h x 11” w  x 8” d


Black anondized matt finish with an ever so slight hint of sheen

Available:  In stock in a black finish & brass finish

Price:  $145

Customizable options:  Can be color matched via one of the best anondizers we have found and they are local California

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